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6.26.18 Praise & Prayer Prompt: Making Friends with Jesus

PRAISE & PRAYER PROMPT ••• When it comes to our relationship with the Trinity, it starts with understanding the roles held by God the Father; Jesus the Son and Savior; and the Holy Spirit the Comforter and Counselor…
Then we get into the whole Three-as-One conversation and I admit, my head starts to spin.
The Trinity is a subject I have to take in faith because the concept is so above my ability to understand.
But I love to think about Their distinctive roles.
And though I know my prayers are heard by one God who is three distinct persons, my prayer journal may be written to “Dear God,” “Dear Jesus,” or “Dear Holy Spirit,” depending on what I’m writing.
But I’m going to be honest with you Friends, Jesus is the relationship I’ve had to work the hardest on…
Because in addition to His roles as Son and Savior, He is also a Friend.
Let me make this clear before I get into this.
I know Jesus loves me.
And I love Jesus with all my heart.
But the best way I can explain it is for a long time—I viewed Him as one who is so in-demand, I wasn’t sure He’d notice me in a crowd.
Crazy, right??
We know from the Gospels that Jesus was never too busy to speak to others, including the most invisible within the community.
One of my favorite stories is the woman who touched Jesus’ hem in order to be healed (Luke 8:43-48).
While so many focus on her amazing faith, I see her from another angle…
The boldness of approaching the One who was so in demand.
I am such a behind-the-scenes person, I don’t know that I would have had that kind of courage, no matter how big my faith.
Because I would have assumed Jesus’ was too busy.
Or I would need to wait my turn and probably, He’d have run out of time…
Or I wouldn’t want to bother Him.
I have such a deeply engrained mindset of blending in the background, I still struggle a little bit with approaching Jesus who is clearly center-stage.
But then, the Holy Spirit put a thought on my heart that has (and still is) changed me: it’s time to make friends with Jesus.
It takes the relationship and faith to another level.
We can accept Jesus as our Savior, but becoming friends with Him is another layer that adds to the fullness of the relationship…
To build a friendship, both parties have to be invested in knowing the other.
Jesus already knows me and my heart, just as He knows yours.
I have had to learn though to get out of my own head and realize He’s still interested in what I have to say.
He’s not going to be bothered if I tug on His sleeve and ask for His time.
He’s not the superstar with the spotlight on Him who is too busy to talk to the supporting players.
He’s not the star quarterback who is too popular to say hi to the school’s biggest nerd.
He’s warm and genuine and kind and loving to everyone who is willing to know Him.
He’s the One who would invite you to sit down at His table and then spend time talking, without checking His phone or watching the clock.
Jesus is such an amazing Friend, that He even gave us a chance at redemption.
He allowed Himself to be nailed to a cross for our sake.
I can’t help but wonder as He hung there if the name of every soul (past, present, and future) raced through His mind.
Because He didn’t die for a nameless crowd, but for individuals, including you and me.
Jesus said, “There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” (John 15:13).
Since He did that very thing for us, shouldn’t we call Him our Friend?
Scripture demonstrates His friendship over and over.
It’s our turn to make friends with Jesus.
Today, as you pray, thank Jesus for being willing to be your friend.
Ask Him to help you trust in a His friendship and open up to Him completely.
Ask Him to help you be bold enough to tap others on the shoulder and say with confidence, “I’d love to introduce you to my Friend, Jesus.”

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