My Grace-Full Life

My Grace-Full Life: What Will Be Your Legacy?

My Grace-Full Life is a column featured monthly in Forsyth Family magazine.  In the August issue, “What Will Be Your Legacy?”
Fun fact for you:  August is national “What Will be Your legacy?” month.  It’s a pretty profound question.  Let’s start with the basics, so we can all be on the same page…what is a legacy?  While technically defined as “an inheritance,” the question more often than not makes us wonder how we will be remembered:  “What have we done (or what are we doing) that will make people remember us when we’re gone?”
This month, I want to talk about the characteristics of two women – Phoebe and Dorcas.  Phoebe and Dorcas both have a passing mention in the Bible, but despite the few words written about them, they have made a lasting impression.  A legacy that has endured for the better part of 2000 years.  
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