4.8.17 Prayer Prompt: Praise the Lord

PRAYER PROMPT ••• Sometimes, our prayers just need to be praise to God.  No agenda.  No cries for help.   No Heavenly to-do list.  Simply prayers of thanksgiving for the great Creator who has always been, is still present, and who will always be!  Today, as you pray, simply praise God for who His is!  Praise Jesus and thank Him for being your Savior!  Praise … Continue reading 4.8.17 Prayer Prompt: Praise the Lord

Praise Prayer

I have given myself a new challenge this week…  Praise Prayer.  A designated time of day where I pray for the sole purpose of honoring and worshiping God.  No requests from me.  Just a simple prayer of praise. I wrote about 3D prayers over a three-part installment a month or so ago (read it here, here, and here).  While I wrote about praising God as … Continue reading Praise Prayer