1.11.18 Prayer Prompt: Prayer Walk

PRAYER PROMPT ••• As Christians, we often talk about walking with Jesus.  But part of that walk includes a prayer walk.  Sometimes, the prayer walk is a bit meandering.  You kind of walk from here to there, aimlessly, with no real direction in mind.  Other times, we walk confidently and boldly; it’s a power walk.  And other times (let’s be honest), we kick off our … Continue reading 1.11.18 Prayer Prompt: Prayer Walk

1.4.18 Prayer Prompt: God Is With Us

PRAYER PROMPT ••• Sometimes, when we really need encouragement, a good friend might offer to stand with us.  Whether it’s a trip to the doctor for an uncertain diagnosis or (on the other end of the spectrum) a close friend standing up as a maid of honor or best man at a wedding — it’s comforting to know we are not alone.  In the church … Continue reading 1.4.18 Prayer Prompt: God Is With Us

12.15.17 Prayer Prompt: Giving

PRAYER PROMPT ••• First, I want to thank y’all for praying for me yesterday.  A trip to the DMV shouldn’t be a big deal, but I was waaaay overdue for some updates, so I dreaded the process.  Thankfully, my license is renewed, and I am good to go for eight more years.  Thank you!  Today, let’s talk about giving.  It’s a topic on everyone’s mind … Continue reading 12.15.17 Prayer Prompt: Giving

11.26.17 Prayer Prompt: Praying for the Spiritually Blind

PRAYER PROMPT ••• Author Sandra Kring wrote, “When your heart is breaking for someone who is broken, but your words can’t reach them and your love can’t save them, ask the angels to go where you cannot. To whisper into their heart what their ears can’t hear: ‘We will not give up on you. Don’t give up on yourself.’”  Though I don’t believe in praying … Continue reading 11.26.17 Prayer Prompt: Praying for the Spiritually Blind

7.1.17 Prayer Prompt: Stand Up For Your Faith

PRAYER PROMPT ••• Stand firm.  Stand your ground.  Stand tall.  Stand up for what you believe in.  When we believe something, we stand up for it.  Whether it’s our family, our children, our home, our political choices, or the rights of others – we are quick to stand up to be the voice of people, things, or causes we want to protect.  Are we just … Continue reading 7.1.17 Prayer Prompt: Stand Up For Your Faith

What’s In a Title? Part 1: Christians

For many of us — a title defines our purpose.  We get a job, and we assume a role.  The title we’re given is a reflection of our professional selves.  However, we all know that titles don’t just apply to our professional careers.  Speaking for myself, in addition to my work title, I’m also wife, mom, daughter, friend, and a Christian.  It’s the latter title on … Continue reading What’s In a Title? Part 1: Christians

Transformation in Christ

I recently overheard a conversation where a woman introduced herself as a “Transformation Coach.”  I was curious what that meant, so I whipped out my iPhone and did what any other modern, curious mind does — I Googled it.  The definition is: Transformation Coaching is a highly effective and rapid means of releasing the hidden potential of people, and helping you reach your goals and objectives more … Continue reading Transformation in Christ