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A Prayer for 12.20.20

So then, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath; for the wrath of man does not produce the righteousness of God. (James 1:19-20 NKJV)

Dear Holy Spirit, The world says we need to be offended. And often, we rush to be so. We feel victimized and angered and aggravated and annoyed. We become bitter and self-righteous in the offenses against us. But Lord, help us to lay aside our need to be offended. Help us to remember that even in our feelings of offense (both the valid and the exaggerated), we are guilty of offending You. Help us to remember — not so we can feel condemned, but so we can feel free as we take the first step towards repentance. The offenses we feel are shallow and insignificant when we compare our own offenses toward You — our Holy and perfect God and Creator. You, in Your perfection, have the right to be offended, but You’ve extended compassion and forgiveness instead. Help us to seek repentance for the ways we’ve offended and help us to model Your forgiveness to those who have offended us. Please help us to be “swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath.” Help us to show other the righteousness of God. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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