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9.9.17 Prayer Prompt: Refill and Reheat Through Jesus

PRAYER PROMPT ••• I love coffee.
You don’t have to know me for very long to learn this fun fact; I average 4-5 cups a day of plain black coffee and have been known to go all the way to 11.
I joke around that it’s in my DNA (I do come from a long line of coffee addicts, though I’m the first self-professed coffee-snob).
Yesterday, I briefly wrote about coffee and paralleled it to keeping our faith hot, in order to avoid the lukewarm faith that God so detests (Revelation 3:16).
But how do we keep our coffee hot?
We refill it often.
Rarely do I make it the bottom of a cup before going for a refill in order to reheat what I already have.
Our spiritual lives are no different.
When we become believers, we drink in the plan of salvation, reveling in the grace that God extends to us.
It’s new, it’s exciting, and our hearts are on fire for Christ!
But what steps do we take to make sure we don’t grow cold?
We have to fill ourselves regularly with Scripture and prayer!
We have to praise and worship.
When we neglect these habits, our faith suffers.
I am a prime example.
I accepted Christ at 16 and though I was excited, my faith grew cold quickly when I went up against my first opportunity to lean on Christ.
With my parents divorce being played out in front of the church, I walked away because I had failed to keep my faith hot and filled to the top.
I failed to read the Bible; trust God; praise Him in the storm.
I ended up wasting 18 years of my life – wasted them from time I could have spent growing closer to Jesus all because I didn’t keep refilling my cup.
My faith was bitter and cold, and though I still called myself a Christian, my life was vile to God.
Let me tell you, friends – my cup is filled to the brim today.
It’s hot.
And I don’t intend to ever let it go cold or empty again.
Today, as you pray, ask God to help you stay focused, so that your soul never grows cold, but remains on fire for Christ Jesus!
Ask Him to never let you be content being lukewarm or cold.
Thank Him for always being ready to help you fill your cup with His countless blessings.

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