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9.25.17 Prayer Prompt: Shaken, Not Broken

PRAYER PROMPT ••• My dad invited me to come to his house and get my late step-mom’s Christmas china before the house is sold in a few weeks. 
Dad lives about 50 minutes from me and since my son’s apartment is about halfway between my house and Dad’s, my son offered to go with me. 
When we arrived late yesterday afternoon, I was a bit surprised to learn the china wasn’t packed. 
It was stacked plate on plate in a big plastic tub, with no protective padding around it… and none available for the ride back to my house. 
After lugging it down two flights of stairs and loading it in the car, my son looked at me and said, “You don’t honestly think these are going to make it, do you?” 
I shared his assessment, especially once we started driving. 
I never realized how many potholes there were between my dad’s house; my son’s apartment; and my house. 
I think I hit all of them. 
And for the record – listening to plates shake, crash, and rattle for almost an hour makes for a long drive. 
Honestly, I fully expected to arrive home and pour the shattered remains of my step-mother’s Christmas china in the trash. 
When I finally got home and opened the back of my car, I couldn’t believe it – the china arrived safely and intact. 
I couldn’t help but compare it to our life journey. 
How often do we feel like we’re traveling down the road unprotected, and every bump along the way threatens to break us? 
God may allow us to be shaken up and tossed around at times. 
The journey we take may include twists and turns we weren’t expecting — and even some we don’t understand — but isn’t it great to know that God is sovereign and He has a map greater than any GPS ever? 
He knows which roads we can handle. 
We serve a loving God who, if we place our trust in Him, always promises to deliver us safely… sometimes safely from a challenging situation and sometimes, safely home to heaven. 
But always, we’re promised a safe arrival. 
Today, as you pray, thank God that He knows the road ahead. 
Praise Him that though He may allow us to experience some bumps and scrapes, He will never let us be shattered. 
Thank God for always having His protective hand upon us.

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