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9.17.17 Prayer Prompt: The Mosaic of Trust

PRAYER PROMPT ••• I envision “trust” as an emotional equivalent of “Silas Marner,” who hoarded his gold obsessively. 
Let’s think of it in terms of very fragile glass coins. 
We are born with these fragile glass coins and initially, we freely give them to others to hold. 
Then, we find that too many of our coins have been broken. 
Maybe someone accidentally dropped one… or someone else held on too hard and crushed it… or another person was simply careless with it. 
Because we know the value of our fragile gold coins, every time one is dropped, broken, crushed, or treated carelessly – we become more guarded and protective of the ones that remain. 
We no longer freely give them, but eye anyone who asks to hold one with suspicion. 
We know how special our fragile glass coins are because of how they make us feel. 
When they are handled correctly, we are joyful and happy. 
When they aren’t – it bring sadness, hurt, pain, anger, and regret. 
As much as we are hesitant to let others hold our fragile glass coins, we want others to let us hold theirs! 
We are offended that they (like us) don’t willingly share. 
But admit it – haven’t you dropped your own fair share of fragile glass coins?? 
Whether accidentally or on purpose doesn’t matter. 
Once it’s broken, they are very hard to repair. 
Because we guard these fragile glass coins so much, we often miss out on putting them in the hands of the One for whom it’s impossible to break them. 
Our failure to entrust them to Him robs us the greatest joy and happiness we could ever know. 
Jesus Christ, as God’s Son, understands the fragile nature of our trust and is the One who can hold it, balance it, and guarantees never, ever to break it. 
He wants you to freely give your trust to Him. 
He alone can take the shattered bits of trust others have broken and repair them, turning them into a beautiful mosaic that is based on your unique story. 
Today, as you pray, thank Jesus that He can hold your trust perfectly, and He alone will never break it. 
Ask Him to repair the trust that has been broken and damaged by others, and to use that to work through you. 
Let Him show His greatness through your beautifully restored story.

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