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9.10.17 Prayer Prompt: Living in God-Given Moments

PRAYER PROMPT ••• Hurricane Irma is almost in Florida and as I watch the news coverage, and think of Harvey’s recent visit to Houston – I see something obvious.
No one is worried about conference calls, sales meetings, commission reports, to-do lists, soccer practice, dance recitals, or all the other countless distractions that remove us from the moment.
It’s about survival.
There’s nothing like a storm, a sudden accident, or unexpected illness to shift our priorities from the mundane to what’s really important!
Don’t get me wrong – I’m right there with you.
All too often, my husband has had to repeat himself because I was busy in my phone answering email or checking Facebook.
Too often, playing with my son took a backseat to projects I was working on.
I am well-aware that I have missed too many God-given moments because I was buried in my computer or iPhone.
And I can’t get those moments back!
The thing is, I do feel a bit of a hypocrite here because as much as I know how guilty I am, it’s a cycle I can’t break on my own.
I read something the other day about if technology had been around in Jesus’ day, He wouldn’t have been checking out Facebook or Instagram.
He was always in the moment, and not just in the time of crisis!
I’m not saying conference calls, sales meetings, commission reports, and soccer practice aren’t important.
They all have a place in our livelihoods and family responsibilities.
However, they aren’t the priority when God is trying to get our attention.
2 Peter 3:11 says, “Since all these things are thus to be dissolved, what sort of people ought you to be in lives of holiness and godliness…”
The world won’t last forever.
Many (myself included) believe we are in the last days.
Biblical prophecy is coming alive before our very eyes.
And when that day comes, commission reports will be the last thing on anyone’s mind.
Today, as you pray, ask God to help you be in the moment He gave you.
Ask Him to help you cherish time with family so you won’t miss moments you’ll long for later.
Ask Him to help you balance your priorities with Him always in the #1 position.
And let’s all pray for those in Irma’s path.

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