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8.3.17 Prayer Prompt: Spiritual Attack

PRAYER PROMPT ••• I am a Proverbs 31 girl. 
I love this ministry and today, thanks to the “Encouragement for Today” devotion, I am empowered. 
But first – bit of backstory. 
I’ve confided to some of my confidants that I am under spiritual attack. 
The closer I’ve drawn to God, the more Satan has tried to bring me down. 
Without going into all the details, he is using the best weapon he can against me – my child. 
I know what is going on. 
Satan isn’t creative. 
He’s using the same tactic he has for centuries – trying to break a person from their vulnerable points. 
He’s a bully. 
He know my weak spot and he is trying his best to discourage me and break me. 
He wants me to question myself and fill me with doubt. 
He wants to stop me from writing these prayer prompts. 
To stop me from writing my monthly column. 
To stop me from handling the social media for my church and to stop me from my volunteer work for Proverbs 31 Ministries. 
I have a book on prayer I am getting ready to write. 
Satan doesn’t want that to happen. 
He is doing all he can to make me stop.
But in the wise words of Proverbs 31 president, Lysa TerKeurst today, “You picked the wrong mama to mess with this time.” 
Satan can attack, but Jesus has my back. 
My trust and faith is in Him! 
And in the end, Satan is going to lose. 
He’s already a loser. 
Because JESUS WINS. 
The story has already been written and too many prophecies have come true to doubt it – Jesus. Will. Win. 
He already has when He conquered death on the cross. 
Today, as you pray, I ask you to pray for me and the situation I’m in. 
You don’t need the details to offer your prayers and I ask for them with all my heart. 
If you are also under attack, friend, stay strong. 
God’s got ALL of this under control. 
He knows every detail. And His will WILL prevail. 
Please know I pray for you all daily!

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