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8.29.17 Prayer Prompt: Power of Prayer, Even In the Storm

PRAYER PROMPT ••• The saying, “the power of prayer,” is said so often, it’s almost trite in our use of it. 
But it is a powerful and true statement. 
One of my dearest friends is in the middle of Hurricane Harvey and the devastation that’s ensued. 
Thankfully, she and her family are safe. 
We talked yesterday, and she was crying, praising God for His goodness. 
Her family’s home has been spared water damage. 
The blessing for her is tremendous, not because of what IS happening, but all that her family and she have gone through this year, including a house fire and her husband’s battle with cancer. 
They’ve been back in their restored home for less than a month when Harvey arrived. 
After all the devastation and trials her family has endured, and the possibility of more, I was in awe of my dear friend and her ability to still recognize God’s blessings in the middle of so much loss and uncertainty. 
She has faith. 
She knows that God is still there. 
While Houston braces for Round 2, may we continue to lift up the people of Texas in prayer. 
And for those who have said, “Houston needs more than your prayers,” I get it. 
We should do our part to support them. 
Make donations. 
Volunteer time. 
Give generously to those in need. 
But don’t underestimate the power of prayer. 
It matters. 
And if someone thinks prayer hasn’t made a difference – consider this. 
Amid all this devastation, we hear stories of rescue, heroism, generosity, care, compassion, and so much more. 
While we can never understand all of God’s reasons for why He allows things to happen – this is an event that has united the people. 
And haven’t so many of us prayed for our country to come together again? 
We’ve had so much division and anger and hatred among us for so long… 
Maybe it takes a Harvey to remind us that we are all people. 
Maybe God uses a Harvey to remind us to love one another. 
Maybe God uses a Harvey to remind us to turn to Him. 
Today, as you pray, please pray for those in Houston. 
Please ask God to use this situation to unite people and get the attention of those who need to turn to Him.

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