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8.22.20 Announcement: Changes at My Grace-Full Life

Dear Readers and Friends,

This is my 1264th straight day of posting on My Grace-Full Life. The blog itself was born in November 2016 as a way to practice faith-based writing, but the daily writing started on March 8, 2017. And you may have heard me say this before — it was only supposed to be 30 days of prayer prompts. But 30 days came and went a long time ago; I just never stopped.  

I have often wondered how long the daily writing would continue…. It’s been a part of my morning routine for a very long time, including my son’s days in ICU and even the death of my grandmother.

Part of me wants to continue…. But I feel led to make a change. I’ve been praying about this for a while, and I finally brought a few trusted prayer partners into the discussion to pray for me — that the voice I listen to will be that of the Holy Spirit. And I feel like He’s telling me that it’s time for a change.

But it’s not an end.

My Grace-Full Life will continue with a daily post, but instead of a full blog, I’ll post a Bible verse and post a prayer six days of the week…. And on Fridays, I’ll post a full-length blog.

I have a sense of both relief and peace over this decision. Relief because the decision is made. I’m usually very decisive. But this is very close to my heart, so it’s been hard…. In many ways, My Grace-Full Life is my personal journal that I invite all of you to read. So, I’ve wrestled with this for a long time, and so I’m relieved to have it decided. And I feel peace because I truly believe this is what the Holy Spirit is telling me.

Still, despite the relief and peace, it’s also bittersweet. I have loved writing these posts every day. It’s going to be so weird to NOT write every morning. The OCD part of me wants to continue through March 7, 2021. That would be exactly four years. But this timing is good. I read a new version of the Bible every year, and my year starts over next week. So I’m about to start a new Bible, and I really want to do some deeper dives into Scripture. But I can’t do all that I want to do short of getting up at 3 AM, which means this needs-at-least-eight-hours-a-night girl would need to be in bed by 6 PM to allow for an hour of reading time before I can go to sleep. UGH — There are not enough hours in the day!

BUT — with this change, there are some other changes on the horizon. I’m looking into some new ideas, so stay tuned…. 

I’m still here, and I still look forward to interacting with you regularly. I love you, and thank you so much for your encouragement, support, and your prayers! Please keep praying for me!!!! Above all else — I want to hear God’s voice. I want His will. And I want to have a servant’s heart of obedience. To do that, I need to be more of a Mary and less of a Martha… I need more time at the feet of Jesus.

So, with all that said — let’s close in prayer…

Heavenly Father, Thank You that Your will always leads us in the direction that is best for us. Thank You that You never take us in a direction that You haven’t already gone ahead and paved the way. I ask You to be with me as I prepare to make this change. Thank You for the work you have done through My Grace-Full Life, and I thank You for the plans and purpose You have for it going forward. And I ask You to be with each of these readers/friends — that they will seek You, trust You, and yearn for You with sincere hearts. I pray You will keep us focused on You in all we say and do. In the holy name of Jesus, Amen.

Again, my sincere thanks to ALL of you.  

In Christian love,
Denise Heidel

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