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8.22.17 Prayer Prompt: Enjoy God's Handiwork

PRAYER PROMPT ••• Wasn’t that so nice yesterday? 
Our highly divisive country came together to look up, and admire the extraordinary phenomenon of the eclipse. 
The very majesty of God’s handiwork in the sky. 
No protests. 
Just a collective admiration for God’s creation. 
I know some people don’t see the hand of God in nature and to me, that is a tragedy beyond words. 
But I digress and I must add: My Grace-Full Life will never be a platform to discuss politics. 
This isn’t about that. 
But our country is in turmoil. 
We don’t live in a peaceful society, but we walk on proverbial broken glass, caught up in who offended who. 
While I wasn’t really into the eclipse hype before, after yesterday, I wish every day was like that… a rare opportunity for us to all just shut up and look up. 
To put aside differences and enjoy the beautiful moments given by God. 
But of course – those are all around us. 
Every day. 
It may not take the form of a rare eclipse, but listen to the laughter of your child and thank God for giving you a person who brings you so much joy! 
Admire the sunset on your way home from the office. 
Enjoy the breeze as you sip your coffee on the back porch. 
These small, everyday occurrences are as remarkable as what we saw yesterday. 
They are simply taken for granted because they are commonplace. 
Look around and savor all that God has done. 
All that He is doing. 
And be thankful. 
Above all, don’t allow Satan’s gift for discord wreck your relationships. 
I’m guilty too, but I’m tired of it. 
I simply want to follow God’s word and share with you what He’s put on my heart. 
I want to love all of you the way God has commanded me to love you. 
I want to see you as a fellow-creation of God, one who is loved by Him. 
While we may not agree, I don’t want to see anyone as an enemy, but I want to look at you and admire the endless creativity of God… 
Who made you even rarer than a solar eclipse because there’s only one of you. 
Today, as you pray, please join me in asking our Father to heal us. 
Pray that He will give us more opportunities to simply enjoy a moment together. 
And pray that we will seek His handiwork in the world around us, as well as each other.

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  1. Denise, one of my favorites to date!! You have such a beautiful way of getting to the heart of the matter. And yes, I wish we could marvel at each of Gods everyday commonplace amazing moments like we did over the rare occurances like the eclipse!

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