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8.21.17 Prayer Prompt: I Love You, Lord

PRAYER PROMPT ••• Yesterday at church, the men’s quartet sang the hymn, “I Love You, Lord.” 
As I listened, I wondered how many feel like that. 
There were years in my life when I called myself a Christian, but had you asked me if I loved the Lord, I may have given you a deer in the headlights look before sputtering out a weak, “Yes.” 
Obviously- such an answer would be unbelievable. 
The thought stayed on my mind much of yesterday afternoon. 
I think Christians want to answer that question with a “Yes,” but is the answer an enthusiastic, joyful response? 
Or is it like the weak, half-hearted answer I described a moment ago? 
The thing is – people are fickle and we have short memories. 
We take for granted what Jesus did for us. 
We may accept the gift but does it bring us to our knees in gratitude when we think about it? 
Does our appreciation for His gift and blessings translate into actions? 
Do we show our love for Jesus? 
Or are we giving it lip service? 
If someone asked me now if I love the Lord, my answer would be an emphatic, “Yes!” 
I love Jesus with all my heart! 
But it took a process of getting to know Him through Scripture and some deep soul-searching to realize how utterly dependent I am on Him. 
The day when I first wrote, “I love you, Lord” in my prayer journal was a moment I’ll never forget. 
I was thanking Him for my blessings and the words couldn’t be contained. 
I tell Him often now that I love Him but the best way to tell anyone that you love them is through action. 
Loving others as Christ loves us is a tremendous part of loving the Lord. 
When we extend a kind hand, speak a compassionate word, smile at a stranger – these things matter. 
Today, as you pray, let the Lord know you love Him. 
Ask Him to open doors for you to put your love in action by loving others. 
And if you’re in that deer in the headlights phase where you’re not sure, pray that the Lord will help you discover the joy of loving Him with a full heart.

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