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8.18.17 Prayer Prompt: Trusting In Spite of Our Past Hurts

PRAYER PROMPT ••• My husband and I have a dog named Beth.
We rescued her from a shelter when she was three years old.
We don’t know how she ended up there because she was fixed, but no family ever claimed her.
All we know is based on speculation and Beth’s responses.
We believe she was abused in some way.
Some examples – She’s fearful of paper towel rolls.
She’s very sensitive about her ears being touched.
And if our voices go up in conversation, she will leave the room.
Wayne and I have to really moderate our tone because she gets so scared.
Beth almost always goes to her “safe spot,” a dark area between the bed and the dresser.
It’s where she goes during thunderstorms too.
It breaks our hearts because we’d never ever hurt her, and while she knows that, she feels a need to get away if voices grow too loud.
Beth is so gentle and loving, yet she’s anxious, even after six years with us.
Her past haunts her and I can’t help help but wonder if a lot of us are like that too.
If we had a bad relationship in the past, are we likely to be more suspicious of a new one?
It’s part of “keeping our guard up.”
And how does that translate to our relationship with God?
Do we fully trust Him to do as He says, or do we give the term “trust” lip service while hanging on to a modicum of suspicion?
People WILL let us down, but God never will.
Part of that trust in Him is recognizing His perfection doesn’t allow for Him to forget promises and then break them.
He is perfect in His all-encompassing knowledge and though He knows our sinful, imperfect hearts better than we do, He still loves us.
Joshua 1:9 says, “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”
Today, as you pray, if there are some trust issues you’re hanging on to, talk them over with God.
Pray He will calm your fears and allow Him to convince you that He will never let you down.

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