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8.15.17 Prayer Prompt: God is Bigger Than the Storm

PRAYER PROMPT ••• Last night, we had a storm. 
It woke me up and I remember that I started to pray about it (especially since I knew that a storm would keep my husband on the back porch to watch it!), but I fell back asleep. 
I don’t remember the prayer beyond starting it. 
When I woke up to see the sun breaking through and the pretty morning sky, I couldn’t help thinking of God’s faithfulness. 
No matter what storm we are in – literal or metaphorical, He is there. 
And He is lovingly consistent to bring us through. 
A friend sent me a meme the other week that said, “‘Lord why are You taking me through troubled water?’ He replied, ‘Because your enemies can’t swim.'” 
There’s a reason for every storm. 
Every bad thing that happens, God allows for a purpose. 
Whether it’s to teach us to rely on Him alone in the storms of life or allow our situation to strengthen another through our example of faith – God has a plan and it is good. 
Even the heartbreaking storms are sometimes designed to protect us in the long run! 
All we have to do is trust and remember that no storm is bigger than our amazing God who loves us and is gracious and merciful! 
What storm are you in? 
Are you trusting? 
Or are you angry about them? 
Are you at peace, knowing that God knows the reasons even if you don’t? 
Today, as you pray, ask God for peace and comfort through whatever storm you’re facing. 
Ask Him to help you trust, to give you the faith you need to look into the eye of the storm and say, “My God is bigger!”

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