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8.14.20 Praise & Prayer Prompt: Humility

TODAY’S SIGNATURE VERSE ••• When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with the humble is wisdom. (Proverbs 11:2 ESV)

PRAISE & PRAYER PROMPT ••• C.S. Lewis brilliantly said, “Humility isn’t thinking less of yourself. It’s thinking of yourself less.” Don’t you just love that? It’s so simply stated and bursting with truth and wisdom. 

By nature, we are selfish and manipulative. Even children. After all, no one has to teach a child to be selfish. No one has to teach a child to lie. No one has to teach a child to be willful or defiant. These are natural instincts that we have to unlearn in order to think of ourselves less and think of others more. We have to learn to be humble.

And humility is a complex subject. Y’all, I feel an impromptu series coming on… there are so many ideas and verses to reference and direction to go with this… So, Yes! Let’s do a series. I’ll outline it sometime before tomorrow and figure out how long we’ll spend on it…

Since today is Day 1, and I’m not prepared to get into the Hebrew and Greek definitions, let’s simply focus on one verse today and keep this short. Proverbs 11:2 says, “When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with the humble is wisdom.”

Today, as you pray, thank God for the ability to unlearn our selfish instincts. Ask the Holy Spirit to embrace a humble spirit and through humility, find wisdom and a servant’s heart.

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