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7.7.17 Prayer Prompt: Power of Prayer

PRAYER PROMPT ••• As a little girl, I was fascinated by windmills.
I thought they looked romantic and charming and I associated them with many of the fairy tales and fables I loved so well.
I overlooked the ingenuity of the windmill… how it harnesses the power of the wind in order to produce energy.
Wind is unseen, yet it’s felt.
We can see the results of the wind’s power.
Similarly, we have the power to tap into an unseen resource that can power us – Prayer.
Prayer is unseen, yet it’s felt.
Believers who humbly bring their prayers to God can’t physically see God working.
But we can feel the peace and comfort the Holy Spirit gives when we lay our burden before our Heavenly Father.
And yes, we can see the RESULTS of prayer.
It starts with the time we spend with God each day.
Jesus set the example Himself of early morning prayer time in Mark 1:35, “And rising very early in the morning, while it was still dark, he departed and went out to a desolate place, and there he prayed.”
I’m a walking example of how starting the day in scripture and prayer can change you.
I’m that girl!
And as you grow closer to the Lord through morning prayers, it becomes easier and more natural to harness that power of prayer throughout the day.
Pray before you go into a meeting.
Pray before you begin a new project.
Pray for your co-workers as you head to the break room to refill your coffee.
Thank Him for that new account you just landed.
Use ordinary opportunities in an extraordinary way… to talk to God.
Today, as you pray, ask God to help you harness the power of prayer.
Ask the Holy Spirit to give you gentle reminders of opportunities to pray.
And pray believing, grasping to that unseen, yet powerful resource that gives us the opportunity to communicate with God.
Savor the time with your Savior and watch what happens when you pray!

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