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7.4.17 Prayer Prompt: Rearrange My Priorities, Lord!

PRAYER PROMPT ••• It’s a lifelong joke in my family that I love to rearrange furniture. 
I get it honest – my grandmother is the queen of rearranging a room. 
It’s something that baffles my husband, but yesterday, after a large piece of furniture left our home, I managed to get him on board for rearranging the living room. 
As I stood there, admiring the new look of my old space, it hit me how much the Lord has rearranged my heart in the last year. 
My focus and priorities have all been turned upside down and He has created in me a better version than I was before. 
When I tried to arrange my own heart and life – I ended up with clutter and chaos. 
God established order and peace. 
Life’s not perfect – it isn’t meant to be this side of heaven – but with God in control, I see (and feel) the vast improvements He has made in my life. 
As our Creator, He is a master at putting people and situations exactly where they should be. 
Today, as you pray, if you need a little rearranging, pray God will do just that. 
Ask Him to help you surrender your will and let Him “decorate” you in a way that He can let your talents and abilities shine for Him, and let Him establish order to your priorities. 
Ask Him to remove chaotic thoughts and establish peace in your life. 
If He’s recently rearranged your heart, as He has mine, thank Him for the good work He has done in you. 
Ask Him to continue to work in you and through you as you serve Him.

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