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7.30.18 Praise & Prayer Prompt: What We Say & Do (plus an announcement)

PRAISE & PRAYER PROMPT ••• Today, as you pray, reflect on the goodness of the Holy Spirit who lives within us and if we allow Him, will guide and direct our words and actions to be glorifying to God the Father.
Over the last couple days (if you’re a regular reader of MGFL), you may have noticed a departure from the regular format.
I’ve been praying about the future of these prayer prompts and what the Holy Spirit wants me to do.
While I was at She Speaks Conference last week (#SheSpeaks18), I learned so much!
I have a new direction in mind and I am still praying about it.
For the next week or so, please pray that I will follow God’s will for this blog, not my own…
The new direction I feel like I’m being shifted to is a six day, bite-sized prayer prompt nugget such as this morning’s, followed by a more substantial (and more thoroughly studied / planned) devotion on the seventh day.
Y’all, I am not a Bible scholar or theologian.
But I take this responsibility seriously.
I’ve been diligent for the last year-and-some-odd-months to make sure that whatever I wrote was Biblically sound.
Making this change though would give me the freedom to better study and present God’s word.
It will allow me to dive deeper and offer higher quality devotions.
Again, I ask for your prayers…
Thank you for your encouragement and support!
I didn’t want to leave y’all hanging / wondering what I was doing over here…
Much love and many, many prayers for all of you,

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