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7.29.17 Prayer Prompt: Walk With Jesus

PRAYER PROMPT ••• As you prepare to go about your day, you undoubtedly have a routine you go through before you leave the house.
Comb your hair, brush your teeth, get your keys, lock the door, etc.
As you prepare to start the car, you probably have a routine for that too.
Situate your purse / stuff, adjust the seat, put on your seatbelt, etc.
Even a trip to the grocery store includes some kind of preparation – lists based on what is coming up in the week.
Do we need food for lunch or are we having company for dinner this week?
From waking up to going to bed, we have a “system.”
A way we like to do things.
We prepare.
Now – with all that said – where does Jesus fit in?
Are you spending time in the Word each day?
Are you praying?
Are you keeping Him on the back burner until you need Him?
Or are you letting Him be a part of the every day routine?
He loves being included so today, make sure every step you take includes Jesus.
Colossians 2:6 reminds us, “Therefore, as you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in him…”
Today, as you pray, ask Jesus to walk with you.
If you start to get ahead of Him and leave Him behind, ask Him to gently remind you that He’s there.
Walk with Jesus.

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