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7.26.18 Praise & Prayer Prompt: Early or Late? Just Show Up

PRAISE & PRAYER PROMPT ••• Greetings from Concord, NC!
My mom and I arrived yesterday for the Proverbs 31 She Speaks Conference and today is pre-conference day!
We are so excited!
While our hometown in only 1 1/2 hours from here, we arrived early to settle in and be fully ready for three days of worship, fellowship, and learning.
Please pray for us for the next several days.
Speaking of early…
Last night, my mom grumbled when I told her how early I was going to set the alarm clock.
Because as I mentioned a few days ago, I have multiple alarms and don’t wake up easily…
It generally takes me 45 minutes to get up so I have to set the alarms extra early.
Not because I’m a morning person, but because this is the kind of early that matters dearly to my heart.
The quiet early morning time I spend with Jesus…
Reading God’s word and praying…
The only time of the day when people aren’t asking me for things or when I am not juggling a million to-dos.
In Mark 1:35, it says, “Before daybreak the next morning, Jesus got up and went out to an isolated place to pray.”
And the next two verse (36-37) say, “Later Simon and the others went out to find him. When they found him, they said, ‘Everyone is looking for you.’”
This is exactly what I mean.
Jesus didn’t have to deal with the constant alerts of an iPhone or computer…
Emails flashing across the screen…
Phones ringing…
Appointment reminders…
Yet, even 2000 years ago, He was in demand.
However, despite the pull of everyone on His time, He pulled away to draw closer to God.
He made this quiet prayer time a priority and He did it early in the day.
Maybe early doesn’t work for you.
But for me, early is the best option.
By the end of the day, my brain is tired and I’m prone to distractions.
Giving God the first part of my day means I’m giving Him the best part of my day.
But whether you arrive early to pray, or do it later in the day—either way, the important thing is to show up and make time to spend with Him.
Today, as you pray, thank Jesus for modeling the importance of daily quiet time.
And pray that the Holy Spirit will help you carve out the time that’s best for you to spend time with God daily.

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