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7.22.17 Prayer Prompt: Thank You for a New Day to Share Jesus

PRAYER PROMPT ••• When morning comes, a new day is full of opportunities (after Bible time and coffee, of course!)
Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, entrepreneur in Corporate America, administrative assistant, lawyer, doctor, nurse, window washer — whatever label you wear to define “what you do,” we all have our own purpose and our own mission field.
God’s given each of us a calling to share the Gospel (Mark 16:15).
What are you doing to fulfill your calling today?
I’m not saying you need to start knocking on doors, but when others watch you — even the stranger who watched you pick up a bundle of bananas at the grocery store — are they seeing Jesus when they see you?
Are you exemplifying His amazing grace when you do the ordinary, every day things you do?
Today, as you pray, thank God for this new day and the new chance to share His word.
Thank Jesus for dying on the cross for your sins.
And thank the Holy Spirit for living in you.
Ask Him to guide and direct you so your mission field grows.

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