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7.2.18 Praise & Prayer Prompt: Putting God First

PRAISE & PRAYER PROMPT ••• This morning, I did something completely shocking.
Something that is almost unheard of…
Outrageous even.
Are you sitting down?
I took the Facebook app off my phone.
I know, I know… crazy, right?!
Who does such a thing?
But you know what?
Doing so didn’t cause the earth to tremble and I am not expecting the sky to fall as a result of this historic moment.
I removed the app in order to obey God.
Yesterday at church, I felt God nudging my heart to disconnect a little.
To make sure He’s first in my life.
I didn’t close my account.
I need Facebook for my job and the volunteer work I do, but I don’t need it at my fingertips all the time.
I left the Facebook Pages app so I can post MGFL every morning, but Facebook and Facebook Messenger are gone.
And I feel so liberated!
It’s like Fourth of July moved up a couple of days.
Let freedom ring!
I don’t know how long He wants me to do this, but I’m committed to the month…
Facebook can wait.
I need more time with God than anything else.
The Bible tells us over and over that God should be our priority.
Jesus said in Matthew 6:33, “Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.”
I don’t mean to imply that Facebook is a sinful stumbling block and everyone needs to wipe it off their phone…
But for me, it was becoming too much of a distraction.
I was checking Facebook before I was spending time in the Word.
And even though I chided myself morning after morning, “Read your Bible first!,” I kept getting distracted.
The solution was easy and after giving me multiple chances to square up my priorities, God put the answer on my heart.
He reminded me of a few other truths yesterday and it was what I needed…
A heart-to-heart with my Heavenly Father who knows me and loves me more than anyone else.
He is showing me so many things right now, but in order to see them, I need to be focused.
Is there anything that is distracting you from God?
Maybe like me, you have spent too much time on Facebook.
Or maybe there’s a relationship that needs some new boundaries.
Or any of the countless things that keep us from putting God first.
If there’s anything that is interrupting your fellowship, I encourage you to address it sooner than later.
Our Lord and Savior is far more important than anyone or anything else.
There are hard habits to break, but He’s worth the effort and the rewards have eternal significance.
Today, as you pray, praise God for His loving redirection.
Thank Him for His willingness to help us focus on what’s most important—our relationship with Him.

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