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7.2.17 Prayer Prompt: Staying On Track With Friends

PRAYER PROMPT ••• Have you ever looked at the gravel rocks around a railroad track? 
They are called “ballast,” and its purpose is to anchor the wooden cross ties in place, which in turn, hold the rails. 
In the thousands of miles of tracks in America, it’s the ballast that keeps everything anchored and secure, and therefore, keeps the trains on the rails. 
Can you imagine the catastrophe without the ballast? 
What is your ballast? 
What anchors you to stay on track? 
The Bible seems an obvious answer, and I could go in that direction with this. 
For today’s purpose, however, I want to compare the relationships we have with friends and family to the ballast. 
DISCLAIMER! I’m not remotely suggesting that friends and family trump scripture. 
Not even close. 
But the company you keep matters. 
If you surround yourself with people who bring you down and lead you to do wrong, you’re not going to have the ballast you need to make Bible reading and prayer time with God a priority. 
Friends and family who try to pull you away from spiritual growth in Christ are trying to pull you off track. 
However, if you surround yourself with people who encourage you, those who are also seeking to live lives that are on track with God’s word, you have a foundation from which to build… and grow. 
You have the support you need to stay on track. 
If you’re still iffy on where I’m going, here’s another analogy: if you have friends who are constantly tempting you with gooey desserts while you’re trying to diet, you’re being set up for failure. 
If your friends encourage healthy eating and exercise, you’re more likely to be successful. 
Today, as you pray, ask God to give you friends who will encourage you and help you stay on track. 
If you don’t have a strong Christian friend to talk to, ask Him to help you find someone who can help answer questions; point you to Bible verses that will empower decisions; and who will pray with you. 
While Jesus is the best friend you’ll ever have, and a Christian friend cannot take His place, that earthly friendship can be critically important as you endeavor to stay on track with God’s word.

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