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7.17.17 Prayer Prompt: Be a Light for Jesus

PRAYER PROMPT ••• I leave for She Speaks on Wednesday! 
If you’re not familiar, She Speaks is a Christian women’s conference organized by Proverbs 31 Ministries. 
It’s geared to writers, speakers, and leaders. 
As much as I’m looking forward to my scheduled workshops, I’m most excited about the opportunity for three days of worship with 700 new friends! 
The Facebook chatter is already so energized and excited! 
Everyone is ready for what God has in store for us at the conference. 
The women who sign up for this are seeking to grow their talents, yes… but most of all, they want to use those talents to be a light for Jesus! 
Being a light in this dark world is a bold statement of faith that can only be done through the Holy Spirit. 
Being a light for Jesus doesn’t require any special talent. 
You don’t need to be a writer, speaker, or leader… you don’t have to sign up for a conference or take a class… being a light for Jesus simply means letting His love shine through you in the way you act, talk, behave, even think! 
After all, our thoughts often drive our actions and conversations. 
Being a light means being sincere, yet strong in conviction. 
It’s trusting in God and being faithful to His word. 
It’s a hard line to walk, especially in our society. 
Being a Christian in America comes with a degree of skepticism and assumption by those who don’t understand. 
The irony of the labels applied to Christians are ironic to me in our “don’t judge” society, but truth be told – there are some labels that have been well-earned by a few who have acted out in highly un-Christian ways in the name of God. 
It’s our job to break down the stereotype. 
And we all know, actions speak louder than words. 
Today, as you pray, ask the Holy Spirit to sit in the driver’s seat of your heart and mind. 
Ask Him to shine the brilliant radiance of Jesus through your actions, thoughts, and words. 
Pray you will surrender control to His direction so you can be used to light up this dark world in the name of Jesus. 
And I ask that you pray for all who are attending She Speaks, many who are traveling even now! 
Please pray for safety, blessings, and that God’s will will prevail over all of us.

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