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7.11.17 Prayer Prompt: Reading Out Loud

PRAYER PROMPT ••• The Bible I’ve read each day for the last year is a chronological, one year Bible.
Going against every OCD tendency I have, I started it last July (rather than January 1st).
As I started thinking about whether I was going to start over with this particular version, or switch to either a study or journaling Bible for next year (aka, August), I was overwhelmed with the idea that next year, I should read each day’s passage out loud.
I’ve thought about this idea and prayed on it for the last several weeks, and though my new year hasn’t officially begun, I did it.
It felt kind of weird, but my dog Beth didn’t seem to mind… and it definitely gave me a chance to study God’s word in a new way.
Instead of just reading the words, I listened to them.
It hit me – I give this advice all the time!
I work for a group of community magazines and the #1 bit of advice I give our writing team – read your work out loud before you turn it in.
It helps you hear your voice better than a silent review.
Why on earth should reading the Bible be any different?
I’m not suggesting that this is for you every time you open your Bible.
But if you’re at a verse that stumps you, or a passage that just isn’t quite clicking, try reading it out loud.
It made me far more excited about the challenge that I believe the Holy Spirit put on my heart!
I can’t wait to “hear” what God has for me as I read my daily portion of scripture out loud for the next year!
Today, as you pray, thank God for His word.
Thank Him for its perfection and sustainability.
Only God our Heavenly Father could have ordained such an infallible text; thank Him that we have access to read it silently, read it out loud, access it from our phones, and even, as we’re advised to do in Psalm 119:11, hide it in our hearts.

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