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5.28.19 Praise & Prayer Prompt: In the Beginning

PRAISE & PRAYER PROMPT ••• If you’re ever in Petersburg, KY and have a chance to go to Creation Museum—go.
I went several years ago when I was still living in Cincinnati.
The museum is about 30ish minutes from the Cincinnati airport and of course, now they also have the nearby Ark Encounter, which I have not seen yet but would love to visit.
All of this is on my mind because I watched a sermon on Sunday afternoon by the man behind both of these ministries—Ken Ham (
I’ve never had any proclivities toward science but it’s interesting.
And Ken Ham has a great way of explaining really complicated issues and answering questions from a Biblical point of view.
The sermon is called “Genesis 1-1.”
It’s on Pure Flix and YouTube.
I’ve posted the link below.
Today, I just wanted to recommend the sermon.
Mr. Ham focused on the five keywords in the very first verse of the Bible: Beginning, God, Created, Heavens, and Earth.
He talked about questions such as, “What was God doing all that ‘time’ before He created?,” “Eternal God or eternal matter,” “How do we know God created the earth?,” “When did time begin?,” “Who created God?,” and “When did God create angels?”
As one who believes in a literal six-day creation, I still have questions.
And for those who believe in God, yet struggle with the concept of a young earth vs the millions/billions of years evolutionary theory—I encourage you to watch it, and also to spend some time exploring the Answers in Genesis ministry.
We live in a culture where theory is taught as fact, and as a result, even Christians struggle with what to believe.
Yet we maintain a curiosity about something that frankly, we cannot possibly wrap our brains around as limited beings.
Anyway, I hope you’ll watch it.
Today, as you pray, give praise to our Creator for understanding all the intricate details of our universe.
Thank Him for knowing what we do not and praise Him for being bigger than all of it.
Ask the Holy Spirit to give you wisdom to understand your limitations compared to God’s limitless power.
And ask for Him to give you faith in what God has said about the beginning of the world.

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