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5.27.18 Praise & Prayer Prompt: Our Foundation in Jesus

PRAISE & PRAYER PROMPT ••• Yesterday, I went to a Mary Kay party.
I am not an ideal candidate for Mary Kay.
I wash my face with some kind of Burt’s Bees cleanser, use witch hazel astringent, and moisturize with coconut oil.
I don’t know anything about makeup since I don’t wear it, and because I have a cheap and effective skincare regime, I was going to be a hard sell.
I am a plain Jane who was just there for my friends and they knew that.
But as I sat through the presentation and discussion everyone was having, I was fascinated by the topic of makeup primer.
I thought primer was what you bought at the paint aisle at Home Depot.
Apparently though, you can put primer on your face and there are primers for different areas… eyes, face, lips, even eyelashes!
Who knew?!
Apparently, it makes everything stick to your skin better.
Now, how does all this relate to a Bible study blog?
If you’ve read for very long, you know I’ll look for any opportunity to turn a topic around to Jesus!
And Jesus is our primer.
The very foundation for our faith-lives.
And it’s through His word, prayer, and a commitment to obedience that spiritual truths stick and we become stronger Christians.
Jesus taught that a house built on a rock is more stable and secure than one built on the sand (Matthew 7:24-27) and Christ Himself is the cornerstone (Ephesians 2:20).
Believers in Christ must have the foundation of faith in Jesus and then, build up.
The more we seek His will, the better we become.
We can’t just say we believe and that’s it.
We aren’t handed a Christian diploma and sent out to do our own thing.
Following Jesus is a lifelong process and through Him, we are primed to apply Biblical truths and spiritually mature in our walk.
Today, as you pray, thank Jesus for being our foundation.
And ask the Holy Spirit to help you grow and build on His love.

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