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3.7.18 Prayer Prompt: Prayer to Praise

PRAYER PROMPT ••• We’ve come full circle.
Today is our 365th Prayer Prompt.
I had hoped to get through a month, and it lasted a year.
My biggest lesson learned through this – never put my own limitations on God.
Philippians 4:13 says, “For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.”
It’s so easy to understand why this is a favorite Bible verse for many.
It tells us so much in so few words.
We are not alone.
We aren’t expected to do it all.
Nothing is impossible.
We don’t have to be strong.
Jesus Christ takes care of all the areas where we fall short, and His Holy Spirit enables us beyond our limits, talents, strengths, abilities, and even our hopes, dreams, and ideas.
We can only begin to scratch the surface.
God’s plans and ideas and vision exceed our wildest imaginations, even if we multiply them by infinity!
It’s been a blessing to hear from many of you over the last year.
It’s a joy to hear from those who have been comforted or read something they needed at the exact moment they needed it.
It’s not about a pat on the back for me.
It’s because it shows that the Holy Spirit is at work here.
What a tremendous honor, to be used by Him.
I am amazed and grateful for all He’s done.
Now, with that said, this is our last Prayer Prompt.
Sort of.
And maybe.
The Holy Spirit put another idea on my heart several months ago, and starting tomorrow, My Grace-Full Life Prayer Prompts will become Praise Prompts.
It’s a small shift in what has been done for the last year, but I’m super excited about it.
I think we can all agree… it’s easy to give God our heavenly to-do list.
But the focus shift is going to be an exercise in praising Him in every circumstance.
I believe it’s going to be a powerful change.
I am not saying there won’t be the occasional Prayer Prompt here or there.
I guess we’ll just see how the Holy Spirit leads and directs!
Until then, today, as you pray, please join me in thanking Him for guiding us in all we do.
Thank Him for the opportunity to read, pray, and worship every day.
Please ask Him to continue to direct MGFL to be whatever He wants it to be.
Please pray that His will always comes first… never mine or yours.

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4 Responses

  1. Praise God for how He has led you to this point and will continue to do so! I also second your words above: I learned in 1987 in a profound moment that Most of Our Limitations are Self-imposed. God is so much bigger than what we imagine! Praise Him! – carol

  2. Congratulations on completing a year of “Prayer Prompts!” God had used you mightily! I have loved all your prompts… but now, am super excited about your new direction! Praise! Love this. So great to turn our hearts toward gratitude. Thank you, dear Denise, for being so in tune with God’s Spirit and His leading! God bless you greatly, my wonderful friend! <3 and hugs!

    1. Thanks, Lynn!!!! You’ve been such a blessing and encouragement to me!!! So glad to have met you!!! I know I owe you an email too! Crazy week but it’s forthcoming, I promise! ❤️

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