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3.23.18 Praise Prompt: The Sin of Pride

PRAISE PROMPT ••• In the book “Gone with the Wind,” Scarlett O’Hara said, “ Pride! Pride tastes awfully good, especially when the crust is flaky and you put meringue on it.”
It was a sarcastic way of saying she’d make money off anyone, including Yankees, until she was financially secure again.
It’s one of my favorite lines ever written because I think it’s so creative and far more descriptive than simply saying, “Swallow your pride.”
Proverbs 16:18 NLT says, “Pride goes before destruction, and haughtiness before a fall.”
Continuing to use Scarlett O’Hara as an illustration, she may have surrendered pride for the sake of building her business, but not all of it.
And the pride that remained was accompanied by a common side-effect—disdain.
It was the disdain she felt for others, coupled with pride, and a heaping helping of stubbornness and selfishness, that cost her what really mattered…
And she fell.
GWTW author Margaret Mitchell once summed up her book in one word: gumption.
And yes.
The foundation of the plot is shrewd resourcefulness and fierce determination.
But pride is a major character.
And a prime example of the aforementioned Proverb.
Pride makes us blind to our own selves.
So how do we overcome the sin of pride?
It’s through humility and let’s be honest—it’s as “comforting” to ask God to teach us humility as it is to ask Him to teach us patience…
Because we’re afraid of the lessons He may ask us to take.
But humility isn’t about being embarrassed, nor is it about being a doormat.
It’s about recognizing our own sinfulness.
Maybe you think, “I don’t remember what sins I need to confess.”
Well, right there is pride.
A failure to acknowledge that you don’t have all the answers.
And friends – this isn’t a point-the-finger-at-others topic.
It’s a point-the-finger-at-myself topic.
Pride has always been my biggest struggle.
I’m self-sufficient, and at times, I’ve been so determined to go it alone and do things the way I want, I’ve teetered on the edge of a fall.
And I’ve tripped several times.
God continues to teach me humility and it’s a lesson I’ll spend a lifetime learning.
But I am grateful and I give praises to God who continues to work on me.
He hasn’t given up.
James 4:6 says, “And he gives grace generously. As the Scriptures say, ‘God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.’”
The lesson I’m working on now is acknowledging who gets the credit for my work.
My own skills are only going to take me so far.
God is the one who gave me all I have and the Holy Spirit is the One who is in control.
When I embrace that, pride takes the backseat.
I’ve learned how much more rewarding a humble attitude is compared to a prideful one.
Today, let’s praise God for the lessons He teaches us…
Both the lessons we learn quickly and the ones we spend years studying.
Let’s thank Him that He can subdue a prideful spirit and that humility can be taught.
Let’s praise Him for being a patient, kind, and gentle teacher.
Let’s praise Him for being stronger and bigger than any stubborn pride.

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