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3.19.18 Praise Prompt: Circling for Answers

PRAISE PROMPT ••• Last night on Facebook, my friend posted a video of a guy wearing a red hat and a hummingbird who was circling his head.
This persistent little bird put his beak in each rivet of the hat, and at one point, actually sat down on the guy’s hat bill, clearly frustrated by the lack of nectar.
What a wonderful reminder that sometimes, we look for answers in all the wrong places.
And this isn’t a believer versus non-believer discussion.
Clearly, those of us who believe and have trusted in God know that non-believers could have the answers they seek if they would just turn to the One who has all the answers.
But y’all – let’s be honest here.
Even when we’ve made a profession of faith in Jesus, don’t we sometimes go to the wrong sources to solve our problems?
Are we circling the self-help books looking for advice, when we have a Bible laying on our nightstand?
Are we pouring out details to a friend and forgetting to pray about it to God?
Let’s go back the hummingbird for a minute.
Hummingbird feeders are red for a reason – they are drawn to the color.
The guy’s red hat had rivets similar to a feeder.
The bird wasn’t stupid.
Honestly, I have to give the little guy credit.
He saw something similar to what he recognized as a good source, and to him, it looked like a viable option.
Satan is so good at putting attractive, seemingly logical alternatives in front of us because he wants to distract us from going to God.
Even mature believers fall to this temptation.
I know I do.
Not so much with the self-help books or the latest fix-it-fast-cure-all supposedly endorsed by Dr. Oz…
But I often turn to my friends for advice before I turn to God.
It’s not that turning to friends is a bad thing to do!
God has used my friends to share nuggets of wisdom that have been game changers for my thought process.
They can help us see difficult situations from another perspective.
But He wants us to come to Him first.
He doesn’t want us falling victim to Shiny Object Syndrome when He is waiting, always with open arms, to help us through any and every situation.
Proverbs 3:5-6 is one of my favorite reminders, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.”
Today, let’s praise our Heavenly Father for being willing to help us through any challenge.
Thank Him that He is the best source and let’s express our gratitude for equipping us with His word, which holds all the answers to our questions!

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