11.3.17 Prayer Prompt: Thank Jesus

PRAYER PROMPT ••• Have you ever been talking to someone or thinking about them, and suddenly, you’re overwhelmed with gratitude that they are in your life? 

Maybe something they said or did just touched your heart and gave you that reminder about how special they are. 

They give you joy and laughter. 

And on difficult days, they cry with you and show their support. 

Our signature verse today is actually from a letter Paul wrote to the Philippi. 

I think it’s a beautiful verse, full of emotion and deep care for the people who received it. 

If you received such words, wouldn’t they make you feel loved? 

I pray we all have someone in our life who fits that description. 

And as Christians, we share a common friend who is the One who offers all of this and more: Jesus Christ. 

Yes, our family and friends are important, but I want to get to the heart of the topic. 

Everything about the Christian life revolves around Jesus. 

And has the thought of Him dropped you to your knees in thankful gratitude? 

When have you thought of all He’s done for you and been humbled? 

When did you last lift up a prayer of thanksgiving, just because of how wonderful He is? 

Today, as you pray, thank Jesus. 

Thank Jesus for being the One who has done everything for you and for being your Savior. 

Thank Him for dying for you and for making a way for you to have eternal life with Him.

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