9.7.17 Prayer Prompt: Hurricane Irma

PRAYER PROMPT ••• This morning, our governor placed North Carolina under a state of emergency, in preparation for Hurricane Irma. 

While Irma’s trajectory isn’t set in stone, and we aren’t fully certain of how hard NC will be hit, I watched a meteorologist last night who showed three possibilities once Irma makes landfall. 

He talked about the possible options of where Irma may travel after she hits Florida and something in his wording bothered me. 

Twice he said, “These are the best options for us,” but he acknowledged that they would be bad for the people on the coast and the western part of the state. 

I know the man didn’t mean any ill will towards ANYONE in Irma’s path, but again, the wording didn’t sit well with me.

A massive hurricane is headed to the United States and has already pulverized dozens of islands. 

Let’s not think about “just us.” 

Prepare, yes. 

But pray, most. 

We serve Jesus Christ for whom the winds and rains obey His every word! 

While this storm is far from over, and while He may indeed allow the storm to significantly impact our country and communities, we serve the One who is in control of it all! 

Today, as you pray, please ask for safety and minimal damage for all those in Irma’s path. 

From the island countries who have already been affected to the Floridians who are bracing for impact. 

Pray believing in God’s power and His sovereignty! 

And if you are in the middle of this storm’s path, pray as you prepare. 

Also, please know I am lifting up prayers on your behalf. 

God is with you and may His peace fill you during this time of uncertainty. 

Trust in Him even through the biggest storm.

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