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2.3.18 Prayer Prompt: Why Are You Trying To Do This All Alone?

PRAYER PROMPT ••• Greetings from Flu Central.
I am finally starting to recover.
As of this morning, I’ve been fever-free for 24 hours.
But my husband has the first symptoms of it, and is going to the doctor.
Thank you for your prayers and now I ask you to add my husband to your prayer list.
And please pray that I don’t try to do too much now that Wayne is sick.
I’m feeling better than I was, but I’m definitely not at 100%.
This morning, please find a Bible (or use to look up Exodus 18:13-26 and read it.
I’m not a theologian, but to my recollection, this is the first record of someone trying to do it all.
It’s not enough that Moses led the people out of Egypt.
He’s now playing mediator for all their disputes.
And this isn’t a few hundred people he’s dealing with.
Exodus 12:37 tells us there were approximately 600,000 men PLUS wives and children.
So at a lowball minimum, there were 1,200,000 people.
And if we know anything from this story – the Israelites loved to complain.
About everything.
And here’s Moses.
Trying to do it all.
Be a leader.
Keep the peace.
Maintain order.
By himself.
This makes Moses very relatable to me.
I understand his sense of obligation.
While God is in charge, Moses has his name on this project too, and he feels ownership to everyone’s well-being.
Moses’ father-in-law gave him great advice: let others share your burdens.
It’s a life lesson as relevant now as it was then.
We can’t do it on our own.
The first and most important one to turn to is the Holy Spirit.
He lives in all who have accepted Jesus Christ and His role is to offer us comfort, support, guidance, and direction.
But we shouldn’t be afraid to let our brothers and sisters in Christ assist us too.
We are of one church.
The body of Christ.
Sharing our burdens with trusted friends is important.
And turning to one another for prayer is something we should do for one another often.
Today, as you pray, thank the Holy Spirit that you never have to do anything alone since He is always with you.
Ask Him to help you be willing to let others help too.
Ask Him to help you share in responsibilities and burdens you have, and allow others to be a part of solutions.

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  1. Love this. A perfect challenge for all of us. Thank you. And I’m so very glad that you are feeling better! Praying for continued recovery for you, Denise, as I click on “post comment.” <3

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