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12.8.18 Praise & Prayer Prompt: Getting Ready for Jesus

PRAISE & PRAYER PROMPT ••• The forecast is calling for 8 – 12 inches of snow tomorrow.
I promise I won’t go on another diatribe about my disdain for snow, but unless you live in Alaska or Minnesota or some other area known for heavy snowfall, the forecast of snow sends many into a tailspin (myself included).
Especially here in the south where bread and milk become high-value commodities at the mere threat of a snowflake.
Even three days before the storm is scheduled to arrive, a co-worker spent 1 1/2 hours in a grocery store line getting groceries, apparently at the same time as everyone else in a five-mile radius.
Personally, I opted for online grocery shopping and drove over to pick up my snow day supplies yesterday after work.
Snow shovels and ice melts can’t be found at any hardware store by now.
And if my grandfather were still living (or if there were phone lines in heaven), he would call me this afternoon and remind me to make sure all my faucets were left dripping tonight so the pipes won’t freeze.
Because it’s important to be prepared.
I asked the question the other day… are you prepared?
And today, our question is, what is the spiritual equivalent of our basic need for milk and bread?
This really isn’t as hard as so many make it out to be.
The basics are 1) a repentant heart, 2) belief in Jesus, and 3) a willingness to surrender our wills for God’s.
Those three staples will ensure preparedness for Jesus!
And from there, you have the foundation for future growth as a Christian.
Today, as you pray, please pray for the safety of those who have to drive in winter weather conditions, especially in places like my hometown where no one knows how to drive in it.
And pray for those who haven’t realized they need to be prepared.
Ask the Holy Spirit to help us as we share with others about Jesus’ love and to please bring a resurgence of belief in Jesus to our world.

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