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12.27.17 Prayer Prompt: Reading the Bible in 2018

PRAYER PROMPT ••• As we bring one year to a close and prepare for a new one, you may be thinking about changes (resolutions) you want to make. 
Personally, I’m determined to send birthday cards in 2018. 
I am the WORST about doing this, so a few weeks ago, I set up a schedule on my Asana list that will remind me who should get cards each month. 
(If you’re not familiar with, it will revolutionize the way you make lists. You’re welcome.) 
I’m also going to try to carve out 30 minutes each evening for reading books other than novels. 
Reading is often a part of my annual introspection, and for years, I’d promise, “I’m going to read the Bible every day.” 
I even bought a chronological, one-year Bible to help, but I never succeeded. 
My OCDness felt like I HAD to start on January 1st. 
God helped me past that; I finally did read the Bible in a year, and it’s now an annual thing because I read the Bible first thing every morning. 
But my new year starts in August. 
Is this one of your goals? 
To make Bible reading a priority? 
Friends, this is crucial to your faith walk. 
This isn’t even a new topic on MGFL, but it’s so important – a commitment to read God’s word every day. 
If you’re using devotional books or even this Prayer Prompt instead of reading the Bible, something has to change. 
I love and appreciate all of you who read, but devotionals aren’t a substitute for the Word. 
I pray daily that what is written here will be reflective of God’s truth, but at best, this and devotion books are meant to be side dishes, not the main entree. 
If you’re thinking of a resolution, none could benefit you more than this commitment to read the Bible every day. 
I’m often asked what Bible I use. 
I read a New Living Translation (NLT) daily. 
But on the BibleGateway app, I tend to use the English Standard Version (ESV). 
I grew up with the King James Version (KJV), and use that Bible at church. 
Find a good translation and utilize the free resources, such as BibleGateway, to go back and forth between translations to make sure you understand. 
And a good commentary is a great benefit too! 
I don’t use mine every day, but it’s a wonderful resource for additional clarification. 
I know this isn’t a new topic on here, and I’m sorry to repeat myself, but I just feel so strongly about this. 
Studies show that a very small percentage of Christians read the Bible, but it’s the how-to manual for living life with God! 
It cannot be ignored! 
Please don’t leave it to your pastor or a devotion writer; question us and cross-reference Scripture for yourself!
Today, as you pray, ask God to help you make Bible reading the first and most important part of your day, next to prayer. 
Ask Him to make things clear as you read, and for the wisdom to apply His truths to your life.

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