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11.6.17 Prayer Prompt: Church Shooting in Texas

PRAYER PROMPT ••• I got home from church yesterday to learn that thanks to a deranged shooter, 26 people in Texas didn’t.
I don’t understand a massacre like this.
I know God doesn’t condone evil, but allows it to happen.
And I know that though we may not understand, He can turn even a church shooting to something good, even if we don’t see the good this side of heaven (Romans 8:28).
I believe we live in a fallen, sin-filled world.
But above all, God is great and He is good.
He is still worthy of our absolute trust and praise.
This morning, my Bible reading took me to Hebrews 7:19, which says, “For the law never made anything perfect. But now we have confidence in a better hope, through which we draw near to God.”
This chapter spoke of how the Old Testament law, with all its rules and sacrificial requirements, wasn’t enough to save us.
Any atonement was temporary because of our sinful nature.
But through the death and resurrection of Jesus, we were given a High Priest who offers once-and-for-all salvation because He alone can make us clean.
“The law never made anything perfect.” 
In the coming days, the same cycle will repeat itself: the media will ask why; politicians will talk about gun control; and both sides of the political divide will find ways to blame the other.
Personally, I think it is useless.
I’m not a fan of guns because they scare me.
But a gun wasn’t the murderer.
A very sick man was.
It’s a heart problem.
Not a gun problem.
And if that offends you, I’m sorry.
We’ll have to agree to disagree.
Murder isn’t new to this generation.
Cain killed Abel with a rock, not a gun.
“But now we have confidence in a better hope,” and in the sorrow of the situation, my hope remains in Jesus.
And I hope you agree, He’s still in command.
Satan may be jumping for joy over the lives and families he ruined yesterday, but the game’s not over.
I know Who wins.
Today, as you pray, ask God to comfort those who have been directly impacted by this terrible event.
Ask Him to use this situation to His glory, even though we don’t understand.
Above all, thank Jesus, our forever High Priest, that when it comes to good and evil, He is good and He has already won.

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