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11.22.17 Prayer Prompt: Choosing the Truth

PRAYER PROMPT ••• Choices surround us every day.
From what we wear, what we eat, what we read…
To whom we marry, where we work, and where we live.
Our choices range from the mundane to the life-changing.
The choice to follow God and live a life of truth is, by immeasurable leaps and bounds, the most important decision we can make.
In Psalms 119:29-30, it says, “Keep me from lying to myself; give me the privilege of knowing your instructions. I have chosen to be faithful; I have determined to live by your regulations.”
We lie to ourselves all the time.
They are often self-deprecating, but we also convince ourselves of lies the world tells us, rather than seeking out the Truth on our own.
The world would have us compromise the truths of Scripture and believe twisted versions.
It started way back when in the Garden of Eden. In her debate with the serpent, Eve twisted God’s warning by adding “do not touch” to the instructions (Genesis 3:3).
God had previously said do not eat; He said nothing about touching the fruit (Genesis 2:17).
It continues to this day, turning Christianity into a veritable cafeteria-style religion.
You don’t get to go through the line at the Bible Cafe and say, “I’ll take a little of this, a little of that… No, I don’t like that instruction. Ooh, yes! Extra blessings please but hold the obedience. I’m on the What-I-Want diet.”
It doesn’t work that way.
And we lie to ourselves when we think otherwise.
Instead, the author of this Psalm gives us a great example when he wrote, “I have chosen to be faithful.”
He chose to be faithful to God’s instructions and obey.
We face the same choice.
It’s up to us to choose to obey, follow, believe, and live for Christ.
When we choose to obey Christ, we need to take our seat at the Bible Cafe and say, “I’ll have everything on the menu. Oh, and can you tell the chef that I want to get to know Him on a personal level?”
Today, as you pray, if you’ve found yourself compromising God’s word and believing things that aren’t Scripturally supported, pray that God will show you the truth and that He’ll give you the courage to choose it.
To live it.
To follow Him.

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