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10.9.18 Praise & Prayer Prompt: Renew

PRAISE & PRAYER PROMPT ••• Isn’t it amazing to know that no matter how old we are, or how we feel on the outside from the various aches and pains of life, we have a God who renews us every day!
When we turn to the Bible and allow the inspired words of God to shape us, we are renewed, empowered, refreshed, and filled with praise and gratitude for our Savior!
Today, before you pray, make time to spend time in His word!
Read your life verse, or a parable from the Gospels, or a passage from one of Paul’s letters.
Let the truth of God’s greatness refresh your soul.
Ask the Holy Spirit to help you to thirst for more of the Living Waters of Christ.

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3 Responses

    1. Sure — a life verse is a favorite verse or a verse that the Holy Spirit has used to encourage you and which speaks to you in a personal way. I have lots of favorite verses, but my ultimate favorite (and the one I call my life verse) is Ephesians 2:8-9. It’s the verse I based my blog title on because we are saved solely by grace. As a recovered prodigal who tried for years to do everything my way and to be good enough on my own — this is a passage that reminds me that there’s nothing I can do… it’s all about His grace. My husband’s life verse is Proverbs 16:9. Wayne loves this verse because it reminds him that God is leading the way and it’s his job to simply follow. In fact, Wayne painted this verse on the wall that goes downstairs to his band room because he feels that his musical journey is totally in God’s hands. When you choose one for yourself, I hope you’ll share it! ❤️

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