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10.9.17 Prayer Prompt: Likes, Loves, and Approval

PRAYER PROMPT ••• Yesterday, my pastor spoke about living with less and he mentioned cell phone addictions. 
He quoted a study that said that the average person looks at his or her smartphone every 4.5 minutes. 
I wish I’d added this statistic to a recent article I wrote on the three things we crave from social media. 
But all this ties together with a verse I read in my Bible this morning, 1 Thessalonians 2:4b, “Our purpose is to please God, not people. He alone examines the motives of our hearts.” 
So let’s go back to the smartphone and social media. 
Which programs do you use? 
Personally, I’m sticking with Facebook and Instagram. 
I don’t understand Snapchat and don’t get me started on truncated spelling that goes hand-in-hand with Twitter. 
I realize I publish these posts every day, completely raw and unedited, but nothing makes my writer-brain more crazy than inventive spelling. 
But I digress… 
Smartphones are designed with the purpose of making us more productive, yet leave us less productive and at the end of the day, seeking approval in all the wrong places. 
Never in the history of humanity have we spent more time keeping up with the Jonses. 
We obsessively check our social media to see how many likes and hearts we get. 
We anxiously await comments from friends. 
We are seeking approval for the thoughts we have; the families we raise; the vacations we take; the cars we buy; the jobs we have; and everything in between. 
We crave attention. 
And social media feeds the craving. 
Who is paying attention to what we say? 
God is. 
The question to ponder is this: is the content you post on social media what you would say if you were face-to-face with Jesus? 
Lest you think I’m pointing a finger of judgment, I’m not. 
I’m crazy guilty of all of this. 
Social media is a powerful tool. 
Let’s use it wisely. 
As we go about our days, may we look up for approval – not down at the harsh glare of a smartphone screen. 
Today, as you pray, please join me in asking the Holy Spirit to guide our lives in a manner that meets God’s approval. 
Ask Him to help you seek His will first so you can rest in the assurance that He will say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” (Matthew 25:21).

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