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10.26.17 Prayer Prompt: Prayer and Praise

PRAYER PROMPT ••• Last night, a friend of mine sent me a message that after two years of prayer, she’d gotten an answer!
Giddy with excitement, her enthusiasm was evident in her message, and I’m super excited for her!
God answered a deep longing that’s been on her heart for quite a while.
But my friend doesn’t realize what an example she’s been.
Though discouraged at times, she never broke.
She didn’t forget God had a plan for her, and she persistently prayed and trusted that God would reveal it in His timing.
She has spent two years praising Him in the hallway, while she waited for Him to open the door.
Two thoughts on this today…
First, when we pray, do we pray trusting in His timing, or pray with our own timing in mind?
I struggle with this.
The Bible tells us that whatever we ask in His will, we will receive (1 John 5:14-15).
I know the deepest longing of my heart is within the scope of God’s will.
But my timing would have had this prayer request checked off the list months ago.
I trust, but the idea of waiting for years scares me.
However, as a prodigal myself, I know persistent prayers pay off.
My family prayed that I would return to my faith, and while it took the better part of 20 years, I did.
They never gave up on me.
And I won’t either.
I hope you won’t.
And thank you, Ashley, for modeling trust in God’s timing; you’ve encouraged me by your example! 
My second thought, when we get an answered prayer, do we get caught up in the celebration, or do we drop to our knees in humble gratitude?
It’s easy to get caught up in the former.
We get excited. But in the middle of our enthusiasm, we have to first go to Him in praise and of course, give Him the credit when we share our good news with others!
This was modeled for us by Hannah in 1 Samuel 1:27.
She prayed for a child, begging God, and when He answered, she immediately gave Him the credit and praised Him.
Today, as you pray, thank Him for hearing your prayers.
Ask Him to help you trust, wait, and praise Him through the process.
And when a prayer is answered, be sure to give credit where it’s due!

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  1. Aw! Thanks Denise! I am glad I could be a great example 🙂
    Believe me there were times that I didn’t think I could go on anymore with waiting for that internship. When I saw my friends get them and not me, I began to wonder if something was wrong with me. All I needed though was to have trust in God and trust him that he would find the right place for me. 🙂 Now lets just hope I stay busy. lol.
    “For I know the plans I have for you says the Lord.”
    Jeremiah 29:11
    My favorite verse 🙂

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