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10.20.19 Praise & Prayer Prompt: In Awe of God

PRAISE & PRAYER PROMPT ••• This morning, I am teaching Sunday School and 2 Chronicles 6:18 is the first verse we’ll be discussing. It says, “But will God indeed live on earth with humans? Even heaven, the highest heaven, cannot contain you, much less this temple I have built” (CSB).

Do you ever stop to think about how big God is? Solomon acknowledged that the Temple was not big enough to hold God because even the heavens aren’t big enough… And if you’ve ever looked at pictures of space and the universe… well, talk about feeling small and insignificant. And God made all of it.

It is mind-boggling and mind-blowing. These are concepts I simply cannot wrap my brain around.

I went to bed with this on my mind last night and in the process, I broke one of my rules… I took my iPad to bed so I could watch a show. I almost never do this because it wreaks havoc with my sleep. But I wanted to think about it some more so I logged into PureFlix and found a second debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye. 

You may remember a highly publicized debate they had in 2013ish (give or take a year) at the Creation Museum near Cincinnati. I didn’t know there was another one when they toured the Ark Encounter together and debated. To be truthful, it was kind of hard to watch. They both talked over each other and since I don’t have a scientific brain, much of what they talked about went over my head. And when I did understand, it often felt like Bill Nye would lose track of the original question and end up answering something else entirely.

And while it wasn’t defined in this way, the core of the debate was the awesomeness of God and the origins of humanity. How God, as our Creator, cannot be measured or limited. How science ties back to an incredibly creative Deity who made everything through intelligent design.

Without getting into a creation versus evolution debate, I find it much easier to take on faith creation by intelligent design versus a big explosion that just happened to trigger a random domino effect of life.

But anyway, I’m getting off track. It’s easy to do when you consider the awesome greatness of God! You start at Point A and then realize Point B also magnifies His greatness and you can easily jump from point to point, each one leaving you awe-struck over the magnificence of God. The amazing thing is — all those points go full circle back to Solomon’s rhetorical question: “But will God indeed live on earth with humans?“

Not only would God do just that in the form of Jesus, His Son, but He still does it as the Holy Spirit who lives in the heart of all who ask Him.

Mind. Blown. How great is our God!

Today, as you pray, thank God for being bigger than our finite brains can fathom. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you stand in awe of God and to never lose the wonder of this truth—no matter how big He is, He chooses to have a relationship with us, walk with us and wants eternity with us.

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