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10.2.17 Prayer Prompt: Holding Hands with God

PRAYER PROMPT ••• Have you ever known those people for whom it seems like they must have some kind of secret they are hoarding… all the secrets to productivity and time management?
You watch them go and see all they do and wonder where on earth they find the time!
The speed at which they work and the volume they produce seems effortless; it baffles your mind how they do it.
It seems they have extra hours in their day, or maybe they just don’t sleep.
But even the most organized and time efficient person will get overwhelmed from time to time.
It happens to all of us.
When there is so much on our to-do list that we feel we are losing our grasp.
It’s just some people will buckle under 100 lbs of weight; for others, it may be 500 lbs, or even more.
But we aren’t alone.
Isaiah 41:13 says, “For I hold you by your right hand— I, the Lord your God. And I say to you, ‘Don’t be afraid. I am here to help you.'”
Isn’t that beautiful?
Help from our Creator is only a prayer away!
He is holding our right hand and is there to guide us, love us, give us strength, and peace!
While Jesus isn’t going to bake the cupcakes for your child’s class party while you type that report your boss has been waiting on, He can give you His calming presence.
When we talk to Him about what we need to do, He may give us insight about priorities or the Holy Spirit may even go ahead of you to remove something from your plate (it happened to me recently!)
Our preacher spoke yesterday about our fast-paced living and the need to hit pause.
The Sabbath day was modeled for us by God and Jesus Himself accomplished much, yet was never too rushed.
I took copious notes from the sermon, absorbing the wisdom of what he said, then promptly went home, and spent the next five hours organizing my month and the to-do list on my plate.
There’s a lot.
But I know that my Savior holds my right hand.
He is there in everything, even the most mundane, tedious task…
I can talk to Him through it all and so can you.
Today, as you pray, thank God for holding your right hand.
Thank Jesus for being there through every detail.
Ask the Holy Spirit to let you know if there’s something you need to let go.

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