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1.26.18 Prayer Prompt: The Details

PRAYER PROMPT ••• Yesterday, I had an Ah-Ha moment.
I was writing in my prayer journal, and God impressed on my heart that some details don’t matter, at least in the long run.
Be still my inner-detail-loving-control-freak.
I’m going to share straight from my prayer journal: “Help me keep perspective of what I think is important now, versus what is important for eternity.”
Don’t get me wrong.
God can use even the most infinitesimal, seemingly insignificant detail to His glory.
Small details do matter, but that doesn’t mean we should lose sight of the big picture.
Consider the inconsequential dandelion that has transitioned to a puffy white weed.
You pick it, blow its petals off, and then you go about your day.
You don’t spend hours pondering, “where did those little puffs of petals go?”
Yet by the same token, God cares about those petals.
He’s the one Who designed the flower.
(I encourage you to look up a time-lapse video of a dandelion if you think the details don’t matter to God.)
That flower is one of countless representations of God’s magnificent handiwork and creativity.
But not every puffy dandelion has a lasting impact on our choice to spend eternity with Jesus.
Maybe one does.
That’s between you and Jesus, and He’s personal enough to work with us on an individual basis, even through a dandelion.
For me, it’s easy to get hyper-focused on the details.
That’s not always a bad thing, but it can cause us to lose sight of what’s important in the long run.
And even more concerning, focusing on details can cause us to shift our focus from Jesus.
Ecclesiastes 3:11b says, “He has planted eternity in the human heart…”
And Colossians 3:2 reminds us, “Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.”
God has put a challenge in my heart to be aware of the details and weigh them against eternity.
Obviously, some I won’t know.
But if my focus is on Jesus, rather than the details, I can trust He’s got it figured out.
Today, as you pray, ask God to help you focus on Jesus, and let Him worry about the rest.
If details are distracting you from God’s purpose and plan, ask Him to remind you of what’s eternally significant.

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