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1.20.19 Praise & Prayer Prompt: The Advise of Others

PRAISE & PRAYER PROMPT ••• Proverbs 15:22 says, “Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed.”
While the first to whom we should go to for counsel is the Jesus (who is referred to as Wonderful Counselor in Isaiah 9:6), we are social people who like to talk to others.
Getting another’s perspective is helpful and beneficial, especially when big decisions are on the line.
However, while the verse doesn’t come with a disclaimer, we have examples in the Bible that warn us about the quality of our advisors.
In 1 Kings 12, Rehoboam became king after his father (Solomon) died.
He was approached by the assembly of Israel with a request to lighten their load.
He asked for three days to consider the matter and sought counsel from two groups.
The first group were older men who had counseled his father.
They advised him to honor the request, and therefore secure their loyalty.
The second group were younger men, and their advice was to reject the request and in short—to show that assembly who was boss.
Clearly, Rehoboam lacked both his father’s wisdom and a Southern grandma who would have taught him, “You draw more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.”
He chose the bad advice.
And as verses 16 and beyond tell, the kingdom of Israel was divided, with rebellious factions against the House of David.
But if we back up a few books and a handful of decades, we can look at Rehoboam’s grandfather, David and the wise counsel he received from a woman who would eventually become one of his wives.
1 Samuel 25 tells of David’s plan to attack Nabal, a man who insulted him.
However, the wise counsel of Abigail tempered David and he found her advice to be wise.
He abandoned his plan for vengeance and let the Lord handle matters.
When it comes to the advice we seek from others, go to God first.
His word, coupled with prayer, can offer wisdom for any situation.
But when we seek the opinions of others, give more weight to the advice that is Biblically sound.
Today, as you pray, thank Jesus for being our Wonderful Counselor who is willing to carry any burden we have.
Ask the Holy Spirit to help you discern godly advice and the wisdom to choose good advisors.

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