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1.15.18 Prayer Prompt: A Wake-Up Call

PRAYER PROMPT ••• When I was 22, I had a job as a receptionist at a distribution center.
I’d been on the job for a few weeks when I noticed a button under my desk.
I pushed it several times to see what it did, and when nothing happened, I turned back to my computer.
But only for a moment.
Six men suddenly burst into the reception area.
They were sweating, breathing hard, and they had come running at a full sprint.
They started screaming, “What’s wrong?!?!”
Unbeknownst to me, the button that I’d pushed repeatedly was a silent panic alarm that had triggered in their respective offices.
They were furious at me, but no one had explained that such a button existed under my desk!
I didn’t mean to cause an alarm, and I steered clear of that button for the rest of my tenure.
I couldn’t help but think of that experience, especially on the heels of the recent headlines of the man in Hawaii who triggered the nuclear ballistic warning.
I cannot imagine the fear, panic, and chaos that ensued.
I know my story is nothing compared to this, but I could relate in a very small way.
And while the matter is being investigated, I haven’t read anything to insinuate that this was a deliberate or malicious act; but was just a terrible accident on the part of the guy working in Emergency Operations.
Yesterday, Ray Comfort of Living Waters Ministries put up a good post about the incident, “The false alarm sent out in Hawaii recently about an incoming ballistic missile, may be a blessing in disguise. It was because somebody pushed a wrong button, millions of people were suddenly confronted with their own mortality. They thought they were going to die; but 38 minutes later were told that there was no missile. The fact is, they ARE going to die, and one of the wisest things we can do in life is to consider our certain death. I’m sure during those terrifying minutes a lot of soul-searching took place. Hopefully Christians will step up to the plate and share the good news of the gospel—that ‘Jesus Christ has abolished death and brought life and immortality to light through the gospel.’ Those who then come to Jesus Christ, will then look back at those frightening 38 minutes, and see them as a blessing rather than a curse.”
The verse Ray quoted is from 2 Timothy 1:10.
And it’s so true.
We are going to die physically, but we don’t have to die spiritually too.
Jesus gives us the opportunity to accept His gift of salvation.
As Christians, this is our own wake-up call.
We don’t know when we’re going to die!
And we don’t know when Jesus is coming back.
But are we doing our part to show others the way to Jesus?
Jesus said, in Matthew 9:37, “The harvest is great, but the workers are few.”
People have a longing for something more, even if they don’t know how to define it.
It’s evident by the way we live – always looking for that something to make us happy, make us feel better about ourselves.
The only true way to fill that void is through Jesus Christ.
A mistakenly pushed button is a great reminder of our need for Him and the urgency of sharing the Gospel.
We didn’t need to be in Hawaii for this to be a reminder that time is short, and none of us are promised tomorrow.
Today, as you pray, ask the Holy Spirit to give you opportunities to share Jesus.
Ask Him to help you be the salt and the light we are called to be to this world (Matthew 5:13-16).

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